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All pieces are hand made and no two are the same.  The online shop shows examples of the range of products available. 

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What is 'Fused Glass' ?

simply put, its pieces of glass melted together in a kiln

But it's so much more than that.  Each piece of Made it Orkney Fused Glass is unique and handmade, involving lots of fiddly and intricate work as well as scoring and cutting of larger panes of glass.  Some pieces will take one firing in the kiln to be completed, where as are others will return to the kiln up to two more times with different layers of glass being added between each firings to create a more complex piece.  And sometimes I like to throw them in for an extra firing to see what will happen!  Fused Glass is a joy to work with. It's sharp, it's smooth, it's delicate, it's bold, it's unpredictable, it's beautiful.  It's art.  And I'm delighted to share mine with you.

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