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This is me.....


slightly obsessive
maker, creator and collector of
all things lovely. 

In my workshop in Deerness, I produce a large and eclectic range of fused glass art using my surroundings for inspiration. Largely self-taught in the processes of cutting the glass shapes, creating an image and then firing the glass in a kiln, I've built up a successfull following for my art pieces locally and further afield. Works depicting Highland cows, puffins, meadow flowers and thistles have proved popular with those wanting a wee reminder of the beauty of Scotland.

Behind the scenes I am also an active crofter, mum, granny and dog walker.  I take all my roles equally seriously and can often be found combining granny duties with glass making.  Kids are a great source of inspiration and make less mess in the shed than the pigs and sheep (only just!).

Workshops are available for anyone who would like to create their own fused glass masterpieces. Further details are on the workshops page.


I am in my shed/workshop/gallery/shop most days. The kettle is always on and visitors are welcome to pop in if they are looking for an original gift or Orkney souvenier. But it's best to check by phone or message first, on those rare sunny Orkney days, a dog walk or a horse ride might take priority over making glass. Contact detail can be found here.

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