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Fused Glass Workshops

Spend a relaxed couple of hours with friends or family and take part in your own

Creative Crafternoon. 

I can take up to 4 folk at a time and each guest will be able to create their own fused glass masterpieces. Making either sun catchers or coasters your 2 glass creations will be heated in the kiln and ready for you to collect (or posted out) in a couple of days. 

Most artistic ability, craftiness, or hint towards any creative bent is necessary. 

The beauty of glass is that even before firing it is gorgeous. In such an array of colours in both transparent and opal glasses you will easily find something to inspire you.

The depth of colour increases after firing when the glass becomes super shiny, tactile and sparkly. Whats not to love. 

All it needs is for you to coax the small coloured pieces of glass, the shiny round blobs, the sparkly sprinkles into an image which can be completely abstract or a representation of your favourite view/fish/caravan/flower, whatever takes your fancy. 

All equipment, glass, help and encouragement is included as is coffee and cake. 

Fancy a go? 


Red Apple

An apple a day......for a loved one. 

Pop your name in the form below if you would like some more information about the fused glass workshops

And if you have a couple of dates in mind please pop them on the form too. 

Whoooosh......its gone!

Creative Crafternoon

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