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Wild Flowers Wave

Wild Flowers Wave


Now on handmade Oak stands!

Inspired by wild flowers growing along the fence lines of the Orkney fields

Each piece of glass is unique, different although similar to others in the range. I find it impossible to recreate an image exactly, I tend to wander off with new colours and shapes. 


 The coloured pieces of glass are all cut by hand and placed together like a collage. The glass is then put into the kiln and heated to around 1400f which bonds all the pieces together. Sometimes the glass is put into the kiln a second or even third time depending on the finish I'm looking for. This all takes time, around 12hrs per firing, but its a thrill each time I open the kiln to see if the glass has behaved as I'd expected.


These pieces are approx 25cm by 15cm but sizes and shapes do differ. 


Please message me when ordering so that I can send you pics of what I have in stock. 



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