At last, i've got round to getting some of these onto the website. They have been so popular here at Madeit HQ, selling before I've had a chance to photograph them properly. I sometimes have some in stock but generally make them to order. All flowery-ish designs and flowery-ish colours, they are not exact replications of any particular flower. If you would like one, go ahead and click the order button. When that comes through to me I'll send you some pics of what I have available. You can request a snowdroppy one, or a bluebell-ish colour, that sort of thing or something similar to no 3, or no 6. Does this make sense?

I'll always send you a pic before posting just to check its what you like. 

The glass is approx 20cm x 10cm tall in a handmade wooden block with space to put a tealight behind.

Each is created with tiny pieces of fusing glass which I cut up and make into a picture, like a collage. The glass is the fired in a kiln for about 12hrs which softens all the edges and makes each piece shiney and sparkly. 

Tall flowery tea light block


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