Rainbow Garden

Rainbow Garden


One of the many benefits of making rainbows is having lots of tiny rainbow coloured teeny bits of glass left over. I've used some to make these super cute rainbow gardens. 

I only have these two made meantime but I'm sure I could make more if you like them. 


The coloured pieces of glass are all cut by hand and placed together like a collage. The glass is then put into the kiln and heated to around 1400C which bonds all the pieces together. Sometimes the glass is put into the kiln a second or even third time depending on the finish I'm looking for. This all takes time, around 12hrs per firing, but its a thrill each time I open the kiln to see if the glass has behaved as I'd expected.


Indicate which you would like and I can send it to you or to the person you would like to say thank you to.

Im trying to do just one run to the local post office a week but I will let you know by email when it will be posted. 


For each of my Rainbow Range sales I'm going to donate £3 to the Orkney Foodbank



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