Flower Garden Curves

Flower Garden Curves


I make many of these super cute flowery curves. Often influenced by the flowers I see in the fields outside my window. Other times I am influenced by the little shards of glass left from cutting up larger sheets of glass. Its a bit like doing a jigsaw or a collage to see what flower shapes I can make. It can take ages but is theraputic to do if my shed is cosy and I can listen to a podcast or an audio book.

I have these 4 on my shelves at the moment, they are numbered for ease of ordering.  

Sizes are approx 20cm x 12cm. 


The coloured pieces of glass are all cut by hand and placed together like a collage. The glass is then put into the kiln and heated to around 1400C which bonds all the pieces together. Sometimes the glass is put into the kiln a second or even third time depending on the finish I'm looking for. This all takes time, around 12hrs per firing, but its a thrill each time I open the kiln to see if the glass has behaved as I'd expected.


Indicate which you would like and I can send it to you or to the person you would like to say thank you to.

Im trying to do just one run to the local post office a week but I will let you know by email when it will be posted.