Whisky Bottle Oil Drizzler

Whisky Bottle Oil Drizzler



Recycle Reuse Repurpose

I've made these funky Oil Drizzlers from some of the many empty bottles we happen to have these days, (or is that just in our household). 


They can be a bit tricky to make as some of the bottles slump at different rates than others. For instance the Islay, the round one, and the Highland Park bottle were in the kiln at the same time. The Islay one hardly made an indent compared to the HP bottle. Th blue one is a Haig bottle has kept its vibrant colour. 


They feel lovely in the hand, chunky and solid, and are an unusual addition to the kitchen worktop. 

I only have these 3 in stock at the moment until we manage to empty some more. Cheers !