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New and Eggsclusive ! A new design hatched and made entirely from scratch by me. I love chickens (who doesn’t?). We always have a few scratching around the place. They give us eggs occasionally but mainly entertain us with the simple pleasure of watching them doing their thing. Bustling about, calling to the others when they find particularly tasty morsel, and shouting at the top of their lungs to alert the neighbourhood that they are the one that has laid the egg. These designs are my tribute to our chickens. Handpainted on to clear fusing glass with glass paints and highlighted with glass powders, there will always be some differences between each chicken. At the moment the range includes the following but more pieces may be added in the future. HennyPenny coaster (perfect for a glass of eggnog) 10cm x 10cm HennyPenny ring dish. (Also suitable for chick crumbs) 10cm x 10cm Suncatchers long and square. Textured or painted 10cm x 10cm or 15cm x 5 cm Sweetie plate 15cm x 15cm Enjoy!!

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