Orkney Cottage Garden

Orkney Cottage Garden


Cottage Garden


So neat and green , this cottage in the country looks idyllic. 


A one off, one of a kind, unique picture made with fused glass. 

framed size approx 25cm x 25cm


Each piece of glass is unique, different although similar to others in the range. I find it impossible to recreate an image exactly, I tend to wander off with new colours and shapes. 


The coloured pieces of glass are all cut by hand and placed together like a collage. The glass is then put into the kiln and heated to around 1400C which bonds all the pieces together. Sometimes the glass is put into the kiln a second or even third time depending on the finish I'm looking for. This all takes time, around 12hrs per firing, but its a thrill each time I open the kiln to see if the glass has behaved as I'd expected. 


Never a dull moment here.


Enjoy.  Nx


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